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Kuwait University

Address:  Kuwait
Subcontinent and Continent:  Middle East , Asia
Country:  Kuwait Phone  24842040
City:  Kuwait City
State:  Kuwait City
Latitude:  29.31883
Longitude:  47.9763499
Zip Code: 
Contact Address:  University Bridge, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Latitude in Degree, Minute, Second [Direction]:  29° 19' 7" N
Longitude in Degree, Minute, Second [Direction]:  47° 58' 34" E
UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) projection is: Northing: 3246988, Easting: 789070, Zone: 38R
GPS (Global Positioning System) is: Northing: 3246988, Easting: 789070, Zone: 38R
Local TM (Transverse Mercator) projection centered at longitude: 45
Lambert Projection: Northing: 10475635, Easting: 11374959
Browser/Visitor at Ashburn, United States is:  0 km away from this University-Kuwait University , Kuwait

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The state of Kuwait founded Kuwait University in October 1966 as part of its ambitious efforts to meet the development needs - cultural, sociological and economic- of a modern emerging civic society. Ever committed to academic excellence and public service, the Faculty of Arts' primary mission is to cultivate in students intellectual enrichment which is an essential asset for independent individuals who think and act as intelligent and responsible members of a modern democratic societies.

University of Kuwait offers a profound learning experience, symbolizing the students hope for tomorrow. Its programs are diverse and competitive, challenging minds, inducing critical thinking and encouraging creativity through a multitude of exposures, interactions and experiences that are unique, and intellectually stimulating.

The university’s 14 colleges offer wide ranging programs in sciences and humanities at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, with an internationally renowned and culturally diverse community of professors and academicians, providing the highest level of teaching, research and scholarship.

Under a challenging institutional scientific environment, the students undergo an intense learning process, seeking advanced knowledge and personal fulfillment through enormous choices and opportunities for improvement and self-development. Facilitating this process are the institutional exceptional resources, e-systems and state-of-the-art technologies, providing a world class educational exposure necessary for strengthening the students scholastic foundations, as well as their educational, personal and social evolvement as refined, cultured and knowledgeable human beings.

The students entry at Kuwait University is thus a crucial journey of self-enrichment and self-discovery, of research and scholarship, of competence and excellence, indeed a lifelong experience, which they proudly carry to the wider world as they step out of the portals of Kuwait University, with their formal degrees opening amazing new vistas for growth, recognition and laurels.


# College of Law
# College of Arts
# College of Science
# College of Medicine
# College of Engineering and Petroleum
# College of Allied Health Science
# College of Education
# College of Sharia and Islamic Studies
# College of Business administration
# College of Pharmacy
# College of Dentistry
# College of Social sciences
# College of Women
# College of Graduate Studies

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