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Universite Bordeaux 1

Address:  33405 Talence Cedex
City and State:  Western Europe , Europe
Country:  France
Additional Information:  University Bordeaux 1 is a public scientific, cultural and professional, enjoying legal personality, self-teaching scientific, administrative and financial. Since 1 January 2010, the University has acceded to the responsibilities and powers expanded (NCE), under the law of LRU August 10, 2007. GRADUATE SCHOOLS Doctoral programs include research teams, training doctoral and doctoral students from all of their discipline and have two objectives: * the f ormation research and student research * the employability of doctoral students and doctors. In addition, they: * provide doctoral students an interdisciplinary culture in the context of a coherent scientific project * contribute to the coherence and international visibility of the supply of doctoral education institutions and the structuring of sites. * ensure coordination and cooperation between PhD students, develop courses and joint seminars or in their specific thematic studies. They allow doctoral students to meet and exchange experiences. * developing relationships, meeting the economic and social world, in order to give PhD students and doctors all means of better employability. Graduate School of Mathematics and Computer Science Graduate School of Physical Sciences and Engineering Environnements Graduate School Science and Environments Graduate School of Chemical Sciences Graduate School of Life Sciences and Health

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