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What were your favorite books to read when you were a kid?!?
Feel free to list them all...from birth to adulthood. I am taking a survey of sorts for a childhood literacy class the the University Thanks in advance!!!
Books & Authors - 11 Answers - 2007-08-23 17:39:28

1)In what nation did the Soviet Union place missiles, which was viewed as a threat to the United States and prompted action by President John F. Kennedy? A.China B.Mexico C.North Korea D.Cuba 2)What did Deng Xiaoping do when he became the leader of China? A.He continued Mao's harsh economic policies B.He supported the Chinese pro-democracy movement C.He eased some of Mao's harsh economic restrictions D.None of the above 3) What did British Prime Minister Winston Churchill mean when he stated than an "Iron Curtain" separated Europe after World War II? A.Communism had spread through Eastern Europe and an invisible line had separated those nations from the free nations in the West. B.The Iron Curtain was the railroad used to transport Jews to the concentration camps. C.It referred to the industrialized nation of Austria. D.Winston Churchill never made that comment. 4)During the Russian Constitutional Crisis, which Russian president illegally dissolved the Russian Parliament and scrapped the constitution? A.Vladimir Putin B.Boris Yeltsin C.Mikhail Gorbachev D.Joseph Stalin 5) In 1962, President John F. Kennedy was faced with a decision to avoid nuclear war. What occurred to place the United States in that position? A.Apartheid laws were enacted in South Africa. B.The Soviets placed missiles in Cuba. C.Juan Perón became the President of Argentina. D.The world was never faced with the possibility of nuclear war 7) The United States became fearful that communism would spread around the world and ultimately impact America. What action was taken in an attempt to prevent that from happening? A.The Nuremberg Trials B.The Marshall Plan C.The Warsaw Pact D.The Manhattan Project 8) Which two superpowers engaged in an arms race during the cold war as they competed with each other to acquire advanced weaponry and build up their militaries? A.Britain and France B.Germany and Austria C.the United States and the Soviet Union D.Turkey and Greece 9)To what did the U.S. Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education refer? A.women's rights in America B.racial segregation in American schools C.the 1960s counterculture in America D.American reaction to terrorist attacks 10) What two new alliances were made after World War II, one between Communist Eastern European nations and the other between Western non-Communist nations? A.Allied Powers and Axis Powers B.NATO and the Warsaw Pact C.Deterrents and Allies D.Central Powers and Allied Forces 11) Which two nations rose as the world's superpowers after World War II? A.India and Pakistan B.the United States and the Soviet Union C.England and Spain D.France and Germany 12) What nation experienced the Velvet Revolution, a peaceful and non-violent movement that removed communists from power? A.The Soviet Union B.Czechoslovakia C.North Korea D.China IF YOU COULD PLEASE HELP ME WITH THESE QUESTION THAD BE GREAT THANKS!!! i already did them but ijust wanna make sure there right lol
Homework Help - 5 Answers - 2013-01-16 21:46:36

Is a special ed degree more valuable than other ed degrees?
I am certified in childhood ed and I am planning to get my masters in special education. A main factor for this was because many teaching professionals tell me that a special education certification will be more valuable than say a literacy degree when looking for a job. I know certification areas are important, but will it really affect me getting a job if I'm not special ed certified?
Teaching - 3 Answers - 2008-04-18 07:39:46

What is a salary range of basketball players in Estonia?
I want to know on what level is basketball in Estonia! Will they accept international players studying in university in Estonia?
Basketball - 1 Answers - 2010-06-05 11:45:49

How much is a short trip to Ireland?
How much is a trip to Ireland for about a month if you dont go out and drink. Also if you do your sight seeing by simply walking around. I dont want to go to a tourist town because i want to see what its really like to live there.
Other - Ireland - 3 Answers - 2009-05-02 07:43:13

Where is the Island of Dr. Moreau supposed to be?
I am doing a project on this novel, and I was wondering where the Island of Dr. Moreau is supposed to be. I think I read the name of an island its supposed to be based off, but i cant find it.
Trivia - 1 Answers - 2013-01-04 17:42:32

Is it possible to do 4 years of the same foreign language and doing a different one on the side?
Hey guys I'm in 11th grade now, and I already have Spanish I and Spanish II completed. I plan on taking Dual enrollment Spanish classes at my community college, since my school doesn't offer anymore Spanish levels. I plan on fulfilling a 4 year foreign language in Spanish but is it possible that I can take a Chinese class on the side? Because I want to learn Chinese sooo badly! Do colleges frown down upon this? Thanks
Higher Education (University +) - 4 Answers - 2008-09-15 16:54:27

Should free education and medical care be an entitlement to all Americans?
Wouldn't it be a better investment of our taxes if the government paid for free education for everyone for as high as they could go. More people who were held back only because of money could become doctors, scientists, leaders and educators. Everyone would be better educated and happier. The trickle down would be that professionals would start their careers free of student loans and therefore wouldn't have to charge so much for their services. With more doctors, free medical services would be possible without all those long lines. Free medical service would mean better preventive measures and less ailments as we age - a considerable savings. What do you think of this and if you like it, how could we get it started?
Other - Politics & Government - 16 Answers - 2008-09-04 22:35:39

If socialism is so bad, why do certain socialist countries (Germany, Norway,Sweden) consistantly rank so high? many criteria that seem important. For instance: Human Development (aka: life expectancy, education and standards of living) Unemployment Rate Employment Rate Infant Mortality Rate Literacy Rate This is a general cut-n-paste list I picked up here, feel free to add to it if you want, and pass it along... I'm sure there's more telling lists out there. Anyways, why all the blind conformist fear over socialism? Thanks.
Politics - 16 Answers - 2012-01-22 18:15:25