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Niagara University senior installs six little free libraries as capstone project
As part of her capstone course, projects in public health, Niagara University senior Joy O'Brien decided to install Little Free Libraries throughout the City of Niagara Falls to increase and promote ...

Widener Library, Third Largest in United States, Opens Its Unlimited Resources to University's Newest Students
scattered throughout the 76 units that compose the University Library. This figure makes it the third largest library in the country, exceeded in size only by the Library of Congress in Washington ...

New KCPL director eager to bring library into the 21st century
The new director of the Kanawha County Public Library is a librarian for the 21st century. She loves a good story.

Living Through History: The University-Wide Effort to Preserve the Pandemic
The Harvard University Archives, located in Pusey Library, aims to preserve and provide access to Harvard’s historical records by gathering an accurate, authentic, and complete record of the life of ...

Interdisciplinary research study uses VR Technology to assess interprofessional communication in healthcare education
The University Libraries at the University of Nevada, Reno, along with UNR Med, Renown and several University Departments are working together to revolutionize nursing and medical education at Nevada.

US COVID-19 deaths surpass 80,000: Johns Hopkins University
The number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States topped 80,000 on Monday ... at Johns Hopkins University. A total of 1,344,512 cases have been reported in the country, according to the CSSE.

How US COVID-19 fatalities compare to worst flu seasons
Deaths in the United States from the novel coronavirus topped more than 62,000 ... In this October 1918 photo made available by the Library of Congress, St. Louis Red Cross Motor Corps personnel wear ...

Southeast Missouri State University gathering personal stories of pandemic effects
Southeast Missouri State University's Special Collections and ... Many archives across the United States are developing similar projects and she said she was inspired by the different ways in ...

A University President Sprang a Student From Internment Camp; His Heirs Give Back (Gifts Roundup)
and Taul went on to earn his law degree from the university in 1943. He became a real-estate developer in Los Angeles and Orange County, Calif., and negotiated the first container-ship agreement ...

Highlanders less susceptible to coronavirus infection: Study
available in the National Library of Medicine of the United States. This paper, written by Christian Arias-Reyes of University Institute of Cardiology and Respirology of Quebec, Canada ...

Grace Raymond Hebard: A Wyoming Renaissance woman
She came to Wyoming in 1882 as a brand-new college graduate from the State University of Iowa in Iowa ... had been offered a job working for the United States Surveyor General’s office, which ...