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Italy coalition squabbles over recruiting volunteers to enforce distancing
Italy's coalition partners quarrelled on Monday over a proposal to recruit volunteers to enforce social distancing rules as the country gradually rolls back its coronavirus-related restrictions.

Italy Recruits Volunteers to Control Crowds as Lockdown Eases
Italy is gradually relaxing a nationwide lockdown imposed in early March, permitting travel between regions and meetings between friends, and allowing bars to serve drinks as long as a two-metre ...

The Latest: Italy has 531 infections in the past 24 hours
Italy has 531 new infections in the past 24 hours. — UK leader Boris Johnson stands by aide over 250-mile lockdown trip. — Task force coordinator warns about lack of social distancing. — U.S. likely ...

Italy calls for volunteers to help authorities enforce social distancing
Around 60,000 volunteers in Italy will be tasked with ensuring people follow the government’s social distancing guidelines, under a new plan unveiled by the country's Civil Protection Agency.

Italian nightlife comes raging back, and some politicians are alarmed
Drawn outdoors by ideal weather, Italians this weekend gathered at beaches, bars and piazzas, drinking and sometimes flouting social distancing rules while soaking in the nation's celebratory ...

Outcry at Italy distancing-enforcers plan
The plan by an Italian minister to deploy 60,000 volunteers to monitor outdoor social distancing appears to be in jeopardy after parties in the ruling ...

Racing Will Restart in Italy May 26 After Protests
Racing is set to resume May 26 in Italy, one of Europe's worst-hit countries from the coronavirus, with a behind-closed-doors meeting scheduled for . An agreement was made Friday following a number of ...

Coronavirus: Russia brings army doctors home from Italy
Other personnel were filmed disinfecting buildings in the area. Italy's La Stampa newspaper last month quoted unnamed sources as saying 80% of the Russian aid was "useless". Concerns were also ...

Many failures combined to unleash death on Italy’s Lombardy
Internal documents cited by Italian newspapers indicate the handful of serious pneumonia cases the Alzano hospital saw as early as Feb. 12 were likely COVID-19. At the time, Italy's health ...

Freed Italian aid worker returns home on special flight
Italian newspapers reported that Italy’s intelligence services had worked with their Somali and Turkish counterparts to free Romano. “I am literally bursting with joy at this moment.

Serie A: Italy’s Prime Minister gives update on sporting activities, date of resumption
Conte said this during an extensive television address on Sunday, according to Italian newspaper, Corriere Dello Sport. “To allow a gradual resumption of sports activities, training sessions for ...

Italy's Di Maio says "pragmatism" comment referred to EU, not ESM
MILAN (Reuters) - Italy must be “pragmatic” in talks with the EU over aid tools, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Saturday, denying that an earlier comment in a newspaper interview ...