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'India's First Woman Prime Minister' -- Mont Blanc glacier melt reveals perfectly preserved newspapers from 1966
A cache of preserved newspapers from 1966 has emerged from a melting glacier in France, the latest in a string of objects that have been revealed as the glacier retreats.

Indian newspapers emerge from Mont Blanc glacier where plane crashed in 1966
A batch of Indian newspapers from 1966 has emerged intact from a glacier on the flank of Mont Blanc, the latest remnants from a crashed airliner.The well-preserved copies include the National Herald ...

Mont Blanc melting glacier yields Indian newspapers from 1966 plane crash
Retreating French ice leaves behind newspapers proclaiming Indira Gandhi’s rise to become prime minister ...

Mont Blanc glacier melt yields decades-old Indian newspapers that could be from 1966 plane crash
The Mont Blanc glacier has yielded yet more secrets as it melts, revealing a clutch of newspapers dated from 1966 featuring banner headlines announcing Indira Gandhi's election as India's first female ...

The Latest: India's cases hit another daily record
NEW DELHI — India has reported another record 24-hour jump in coronavirus cases as the World Health Organization cautioned against the country’s plans to release a vaccine by August.

Mont Blanc glacier melt reveals newspapers from suspected plane crash in 1966
Last week, Indian newspapers were the latest items to be uncovered, believed to have come from a 1966 plane crash. The headlines told of Indira Gandhi becoming India‘s first and, so far, only female ...

Indian authorities arrest 2 journalists covering corruption allegations in West Bengal
West Bengal authorities must immediately release journalists Suraj Ali Khan and Safikul Islam, as well as Islam’s wife, Alima Khatun, and drop all the charges against them and investigations into ...

Glacier melt in France reveals preserved newspapers from 1966
A cache of preserved 1966 newspapers has emerged from a melting glacier in France, the latest in a string of objects revealed as the glacier retreats.

Alpine melt yields old India headlines: Indira Gandhi is PM
The Mont Blanc glacier in the French Alps yields more and more secrets as it melts -- this time a clutch of newspapers with banner headlines from when Indira Gandhi became India's first and so far ...

Google to Spend $10 Billion in India
The announcement comes as India's government looks to limit the ability of Google ... Reaching millions of people each month through its website, books, newspaper column, radio show, television ...

Indian newspapers from 1966 recovered from melting French glacier
Indian newspaper copies with headlines such as "India's First Woman Prime Minister", referring to Indira Gandhi's election win in 1966, have b.

Virus cases up sharply in Africa, India as inequality stings
South Africa’s confirmed coronavirus cases have doubled in two weeks to a quarter-million, and India has seen its biggest daily spike as its total passed 800,000 ...