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Vietnam veteran recalls 50-year journey, changed feelings
Fifty years ago this month, Ron Woloshan was sitting atop a tank in Cambodia when he learned of the Kent State shooting in Ohio that killed four students.

Vietnam plans lung transplant for British COVID-19 patient
Doctors in Vietnam are hoping to perform a lung transplant to save the life of a British pilot and keep him from becoming the Southeast Asian nation's first coronavirus fatality. The 43-year-old ...

China, Vietnam Top Virus Response Survey, But for Different Reasons
Citizens around the globe mostly gave their respective governments a poor report card on their handling the coronavirus, according to a recent poll. China and Vietnam were the best-performing nations ...

Like the Vietnam War, Coronavirus has changed the way we mourn
At some point in late April, COVID-19 claimed the life of its 58,221st victim in the United States. We do not know the victim’s name or the exact time of death, but the death was significant: It meant ...

Death by numbers: How Vietnam War and coronavirus changed the way we mourn
We do not know the victim's name or the exact time of death, but the death was significant: It meant that the coronavirus had claimed more American lives than the entire Vietnam War. That conflict, ...

Vietnam investigates alleged $215,000 bribery by Japanese firm
Vietnam is investigating reports that a Japanese plastic company bribed Vietnamese officials JPY25 million ($215,000) to escape tax duties and fines.

Fake History: Toy Maker Mattel Helped Develop the M-16 During the Vietnam War
Introduced just prior to America's involvement in the Vietnam War, the M-16 was quite different from any weapon in use at the time. It revolutionized firearm design with its use of composite materials ...

The Thao & Van Hoa newspaper to launch art award for children
An annual non-profit art award for children entitled “De Men” will be launched by Vietnam News Agency’s The Thao & Van Hoa (Sports and Culture) newspaper on May 27.

Guest Essay: Vietnam War books convey important message for Memorial Day and beyond
In “Blue Devils in Vietnam,” Jim DeCamp, Tony Gurak, Roger Johnson, and many other Vietnam veterans who had attended Geneseo Central School shared their experiences before, during, and after their ...

(Almost) Comeback Kid: How the P-51 Mustang Nearly Fought in the Vietnam War
Key point: The P-51 was one of the best planes America had. It was so good that it nearly came back to fight in modern wars long after it had been retired. The North American P-51 Mustang was one of ...

Japanese, Singaporean newspapers praise Vietnam's response to COVID-19
Vietnam is now reaping strategic gains from its nimble response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tan Hui Yee, Indochina Bureau Chief in Bangkok, wrote in an article published in The Strait Times on May 18.

Vietnam Considers Lung Transplant To Save British COVID-19 Patient
Doctors in a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City are struggling to save a patient from becoming the country’s first casualty. He is a 43-year-old British pilot for Vietnam Airlines — who officials say is the ...