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American University of Armenia is an entity in Armenia
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Pandemic Impacts Christian Newspapers in Turkey
Among the side effects of the coronavirus pandemic, in Turkey as in other countries, there are the difficulties affecting the media sector and in particular newspapers, mainly distributed through ...

Armenia, Azerbaijan trade Nazi collaboration accusations
As if fighting over their own past is not enough, the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan have expanded the field of battle to include the most contentious historical issue in the post-Soviet space: Wor ...

Newsom vetoes parole of man who murdered Turkish diplomat as a teenager in 1982
American man who took part in the 1982 murder of a Turkish diplomat in Los Angeles, rejecting the parole board’s conclusion that the murderer was repentant and poses no risk to society.

Vladimir Putin's ferocious threat to EU exposed: 'I can invade!'
VLADIMIR PUTIN has a chequered past when it comes to the EU, and this hostility peaked when he allegedly claimed he could invade multiple member states.

Another Armenian Church in Istanbul Attacked
Turkish authorities on Thursday said that a suspect has been detained in connection with another attack on an Armenian church in Istanbul—the second in one month.

Headlining the 1918 First Republic of Armenia
This year the Armenian Weekly is hosting, along with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Eastern Region Central Committee, the first ever virtual celebration of the 102nd anniversary of the ...

COVID-19 causes new uncertainties for press, says Director-General of Armenpress News Agency
YEREVAN, 21st May, 2020 (WAM) -- The new coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic proved to be a unique stress-test not only for countries, healthcare systems and economies, but also for the press, according ...

Turmoil in Turkey on letter by Gulen recognizing the Armenian Genocide
Gercek Hayat’s article also accused of collaborating with Gulen, the Chief Rabbi of Istanbul Isahak Kahleva, Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew, former Armenian Patriarch of Turkey Shnorhk ...

An Incredible Armenian Who Retrieved Armenian Orphans from the Syrian Desert
Parnag Shishigyan is a heroic Zeytountsi who retrieved hundreds of Armenian orphans from Arab families in the Syrian desert after the Armenian Genocide. His name is not known to most Armenians.

The Kurdish Role in the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide
To address the historically still debated issue, the extent of the participation and responsibility of the Kurds in the genocide of the Armenian [and Assyrians], Fırat Aydınkaya, lawyer and writer, ...

Hate Attack on Armenian Church in İstanbul
An unknown perpetrator removed a cross on the gate of the church and threw it away in the second attack on Armenian churches in less than three weeks.

Relatives of Armenian axed to death by Azeri officer call for justice
ECHR is examining actions of Hungary and Azerbaijan over release of killer Ramil Safarov ...